Do you want to make our town a healthier, more self-sufficient place? Would you like to grow more of your own food? Join us on Wednesday, May 22 @6:30 p.m. at the Women’s Health Resource Library for a discussion on these issues and to take a look at the Incredible Edible Town of Todmorden, England.

ncredible Edible Todmorden

ncredible Edible Todmorden

Just a few years ago, in 2008, the town of Todmorden in West Yorkshire, England started a mini-revolution… not a headline-claiming-alarming-uprising, but a revolution, none the less. Like many economically stressed communities, its residents felt as if the good-times had passed them by. One farsighted woman, Pam Warhurst, a café owner with a background in the environment, worried especially that the situation was not good for families. Concerned that there was no movement toward a better future for their children, she decided to do something about it.

“I thought, “Why don’t I see if we can get the whole town of Todmorden, however long it takes, to change… I got the idea we should use the language of food. We all eat; we all buy it or cook it or grow it or like it or dislike it… but we all eat. That is what is was all about.” Thus began the experiment that is now happily known as Incredible Edible Todmorden. To view this amazing place, check out their website:

Today, herb gardens line the sidewalks, fruit trees grow in public spaces, vegetables spill from containers on doorsteps with invitations to “help yourself!” Community members have transformed formerly neglected areas into beautiful, bountiful gardens that provide food for both the stomach and the eyes. And, as an unexpected bonus, they have reshaped their town into a destination for tourists, farmers, and foodies. Thousands of people flock annually to learn and to see for themselves. They follow an edible green route through the town leading from growing spaces to shops, from farmers markets to egg producers. Todmorden’s mini-revolution turned out to be a major solution for their community and many of us who are involved with the Women’s Health Resource Library are both inspired and intrigued.

Would you like to hear and see more about Todmorden? Why don’t you plan to attend? There will be a short video, good fellowship, and plenty of lively conversation! Our motto, echoing that of Todmorden, is: “If you eat, you’re in!”

The Women’s Health Resource Library is on School Street in Milbridge, annexed behind the Milbridge Medical Center. See you there!