Incredible Edible Milbridge (IEM) is a series of public vegetable gardens and education initiatives designed to create a community that is stronger, healthier, and more food independent.  The produce at the 24 vegetable gardens are free for all.

Our goal with Incredible Edible Milbridge is to change the way we think about food, how we shop and what we do with our outdoor space through gardening.

Thanks to the following businesses for
their contributions to IEM in 2016

BaySide Shop n Save
Bar Harbor Bank & Trust
Downeast Coal & Stove
Coast of Maine Organic Products
Lobster Trap
Machias Savings Bank
Viking Lumber

The IEM gardens actually serve two purposes. They feed people but they also create a conversation about food, nutrition and the benefits of going organic. The gardens create a new mood in town, one of growth and prosperity, of self-reliance, of respect for the environment.  We see the potential to create a true market economy, working with local farmers and gardeners to build a garden marketplace so strong that people choose to stay local for all their food needs.

Since its inception, more than 50 volunteers have contributed to help transform Incredible Edible Milbridge into a reality.

There is a sense of community pride that comes with an activity that unites people, creates beauty where there was none, and feeds the soul.

Incredible Edible Milbridge was inspired by Incredible Edible Todmorden in England.


Incredible Edible Milbridge Brochure 2015